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HEMA-Copolymer Contact Lenses

The HEMA-Copolymer material is commonly used in the manufacturing of contact lenses. These lenses offer a moisture content of 38%, providing comfort and hydration to the wearer. The HEMA-Copolymer lenses have an oxygen permeability of 23, allowing for adequate oxygen flow to the eyes.

Here is a list of contact lenses made from HEMA-Copolymer:

Comparatively, the water content of HEMA-Copolymer lenses falls within the mid-range when compared to other contact lens materials. For instance, materials like Aerofilcon A and Alphafilcon A have higher water content, while Balafilcon A and Copolymer have lower water content.

Please note that the list below provides the water content of various contact lens materials for reference:

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