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Midafilcon A

Midafilcon A

Midafilcon A is a contact lens material known for its moisture retention properties. Manufactured by Menicon, contact lenses made from Midafilcon A have an average water content of 56%. This water content allows for comfortable wear throughout the day, keeping the eyes hydrated and reducing dryness.

Compared to other contact lens materials, Midafilcon A falls within the mid-range in terms of water content. Some materials, such as Aerofilcon A and Alphafilcon A, have higher water content percentages of 69% and 66% respectively, while others like Balafilcon A have a lower water content of 36%.

Contact lenses made from Midafilcon A provide a balance between moisture retention and oxygen permeability, with an oxygen permeability rating of 91. This ensures that the eyes receive sufficient oxygen while wearing the lenses, promoting overall eye health.

List of contact lenses made from Midafilcon A: