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bi-ionisches Bio-Hydrogel

bi-ionisches Bio-Hydrogel Contact Lenses

The contact lenses made from bi-ionisches Bio-Hydrogel are known for their exceptional moisture retention and comfort. Manufactured by Wöhlk, these lenses have an average water content of 58%, providing optimal hydration for the eyes throughout the day.

Compared to other contact lens materials, bi-ionisches Bio-Hydrogel offers a competitive water content. While some materials have higher water content, such as Aerofilcon A with 69% and Alphafilcon A with 66%, bi-ionisches Bio-Hydrogel still maintains a respectable level of moisture. It surpasses materials like Balafilcon A with 36% and Lotrafilcon A with 24%, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience.

List of contact lenses made from bi-ionisches Bio-Hydrogel: