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Innofilcon A

Innofilcon A Contact Lens Material

Innofilcon A is a contact lens material known for its excellent moisture retention properties. Manufactured by various brands, including TopVue and MPG&E, contact lenses made of Innofilcon A have an average water content of 45%. This water content ensures optimal comfort and hydration for the wearer throughout the day.

Compared to other contact lens materials, Innofilcon A falls within the mid-range in terms of water content. Some materials, such as Lehfilcon A and Nesofilcon A, have higher water content, while others, like Lotrafilcon A and Balafilcon A, have lower water content. It is important to consider the water content of a contact lens material when choosing the most suitable option for your eyes.

List of contact lenses made of Innofilcon A: