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Lotrafilcon A

Lotrafilcon A

Lotrafilcon A is a contact lens material known for its unique properties. Manufactured by CIBA Vision, Lotrafilcon A contact lenses have an average water content of 24%. This material offers excellent oxygen permeability, with a rating of 140.

Comparing the water content of Lotrafilcon A with other contact lens materials, it is evident that Lotrafilcon A has a lower water content compared to many other options. For instance, materials like Aerofilcon A and Alphafilcon A have water contents of 69% and 66% respectively, while Lotrafilcon A stands at 24%.

List of contact lenses made of Lotrafilcon A:

AQUA 1Air Optix 1Aqua 1CIBA Vision 1NIGHT&DAY 1