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Lehfilcon A

Lehfilcon A Contact Lens Material

Lehfilcon A is a contact lens material known for its high water content and excellent oxygen permeability. Manufactured by Alcon, Lehfilcon A contact lenses offer exceptional comfort and hydration for wearers.

Water Content:

Compared to other contact lens materials, Lehfilcon A stands out with its high water content. While the average water content of contact lenses varies across different materials, Lehfilcon A offers a moisture-rich experience for enhanced comfort.

Here is a list of contact lenses made of Lehfilcon A:

  • Total30 for Astigmatism, Toric daily lenses made by Alcon, Moisture/Water content: 55%, Oxygen permeability: 154
  • Total30, Spherical Monthly Lenses made by Alcon, Moisture/Water content: 100%, Oxygen permeability: 154

For a comprehensive comparison, here are the water contents of other contact lens materials: