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Hefilcon A

Hefilcon A Contact Lenses

Manufacturer: Wöhlk

Water Content: 60%

Oxygen Permeability: 26

Hefilcon A is a contact lens material used in the production of Contact Day 30 colours, Spherical Monthly Lenses manufactured by Wöhlk. These lenses have an average water content of 60%, providing adequate moisture for comfortable wear. Compared to other materials, Hefilcon A falls within the mid-range in terms of water content. It offers a balance between hydration and oxygen permeability, ensuring optimal eye health and comfort throughout the day.

List of Contact Lenses made of Hefilcon A:

  • Contact Day 30 colours, Spherical Monthly Lenses made by Wöhlk, Moisture/Water content: 60%, Oxygen permeability: 26
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