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Filcon IV + Gel

Filcon IV + Gel Contact Lenses

The Filcon IV + Gel contact lenses are made of a material that combines Filcon IV and Gel components. Manufactured by Bach Optic, these contact lenses have an average water content of 60%.

Compared to other contact lens materials, Filcon IV + Gel offers a moderate water content. Some materials, such as Lehfilcon A and Nesofilcon A, have higher water content, while others like Balafilcon A have lower water content. It is important to consider the water content of contact lenses as it can affect comfort and moisture retention throughout the day.

List of contact lenses made of Filcon IV + Gel:

For a comprehensive comparison of water content in various contact lens materials, refer to the list below:

1-Day 1Bach Optic 1Balance 1MERK 1