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Hioxifilcon A

Hioxifilcon A Contact Lens Material

Hioxifilcon A is a popular contact lens material known for its excellent moisture retention properties. Manufactured by various companies, contact lenses made from Hioxifilcon A offer a comfortable wearing experience for individuals with different vision needs.

The average water content of contact lenses made from Hioxifilcon A is 57%. This water content level ensures that the lenses remain hydrated throughout the day, reducing dryness and discomfort.

Comparing the water content of Hioxifilcon A with other contact lens materials, it falls within the mid-range. Some materials have higher water content, such as Aerofilcon A (69%) and Nelfilcon A (69%), while others have lower water content, like Balafilcon A (36%) and Lotrafilcon A (24%).

Here is a list of contact lenses made from Hioxifilcon A:

Please note that the oxygen permeability values are also provided for reference.