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Multifocal contact lenses - Clear vision at any distance

Welcome to our multifocal contact lens segment! Age and different visual requirements often bring with them the challenge of needing to see clearly both near and far. This is exactly where multifocal lenses come in.

Unlike conventional spherical lenses, which correct either nearsightedness or farsightedness, or toric lenses, which are specifically designed for astigmatism, multifocal contact lenses offer multiple powers of vision in a single lens. This allows the wearer to see clearly at different distances, similar to varifocals. They are the ideal solution for people with presbyopia (age-related vision) who want to enjoy both reading a book and seeing distances without the constant switching between different glasses or lenses.

Dive into our extensive range of multifocal contact lenses and compare the offers to find the perfect pair for your vision needs!

Toric 4Multifocal 34Cooper Vision 16Presbyopia 8Proclear 6Bausch & Lomb 51day 4Acuvue 4Alcon 4Johnson & Johnson 4iWear 41-Day 3Aqua 3Biofinity 3Clariti 3Comfort 3Dailies 3Oasys 3Plus 3Air Optix 2AquaComfort 2DAILIES 2