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Miru 1Month Multifocal
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The Miru 1Month Multifocal of Menicon is a Monthly multifocal lenses. The typical time of use is 30 days. Only one pack of 6 contact lenses. So one pack will last 180 days or about 6 months for one eye.
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Miru 1Month Multifocal Contact Lenses

Product Description

The Miru 1Month Multifocal contact lenses, manufactured by Menicon, are monthly multifocal lenses made of Asmofilcon A. These lenses are designed to correct vision difficulties associated with presbyopia, providing a sharp vision at all distances.

Key Features

  • Silicone-Hydrogel Material: The Miru 1Month Multifocal lenses are made from a silicone-hydrogel material, which offers exceptional oxygen transmission (Dk/t) for healthier eyes.
  • Optic Zones: These lenses feature combinations of optic zones that flow smoothly into one another, ensuring clear vision at all distances.
  • Monthly Exchange: The Miru 1Month Multifocal lenses are designed for daily wear with a monthly exchange period, providing convenience and cost-effectiveness.
  • Reduced Dry Eye Syndrome: These lenses are specifically designed to reduce dry eye syndrome, ensuring comfort throughout the day.
  • Transparent Dye Shade: The lenses have a transparent dye shade, making handling easier for users.

Advanced Technology

The Miru 1Month Multifocal lenses incorporate advanced material and surface technologies developed by Menicon:

MeniSilk™ Technology

  • Unique Silicone Polymerization: MeniSilk™ technology utilizes a unique silicone polymerization process, resulting in one of the highest levels of oxygen transmission (Dk/t) among commercially available disposable lenses.
  • Innovative Hydrophilic Monomer: The lenses are made with an innovative hydrophilic monomer, ensuring exceptional hydration and optimized transparency.
  • Higher Oxygen Transmission: The high Dk/t of the lenses ensures that every part of the eye receives maximum oxygen, promoting healthier eyes.

NanoGloss™ Technology

  • Unique Surface Technology: NanoGloss™ technology provides a super smooth surface, reducing lipid and protein deposits while minimizing bacterial deposition.
  • Resistance to Bacteria: The advanced surface technology of Miru 1Month Multifocal lenses offers resistance to bacteria, ensuring better eye health.
  • Excellent Wettability: The lenses exhibit excellent wettability, enhancing comfort and reducing dryness.

Additional Power Options

Miru 1Month Multifocal lenses are available with two different additional power options:

  • LOW Addition: Recommended for users with addition values ranging from +0.75 to +1.75.
  • HIGH Addition: Recommended for users with addition values starting from +2.00.

Please consult with your eye care professional to determine the most suitable additional power option for your needs.

Note: Each package of Miru 1Month Multifocal lenses contains 6 contact lenses.

Technical Specification

The following table lists all technical data of the Miru 1Month Multifocal. Some data also contain links to more comprehensive information.

Miru 1Month Multifocal
Alternative Names
Miru 1 Month Menicon Multifocal, Miru 1 month Multifocal
Package sizes
UV Filter
The contact lens Miru 1Month Multifocal has no UV filter
The contact lens Miru 1Month Multifocal is not a toric contact lens
The contact lens Miru 1Month Multifocal is a multifocal contact lens, i.e. suitable for presbyopia.
Coloured Lens
The contact lens Miru 1Month Multifocal is not a coloured contact lens
Fun lens
The contact lens Miru 1Month Multifocal is not a fun lens.
Oxygen permeability
161 DK/t